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PART375: FMCSA DOT New Tariff Law and Requirements

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375.213 What information must I provide to a prospective individual shipper?

(a) Before you execute an order for service for a shipment of household goods, you must furnish to your prospective individual shipper, all five of the following documents:

(a)(1) The contents of appendix A of this part, "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move."

(a)(2) A concise, easy-to-read, accurate estimate of your charges.

(a)(3) A notice of the availability of the applicable sections of your tariff for the estimate of charges, including an explanation that individual shippers may examine these tariff sections or have copies sent to them upon request.

(a)(4) A concise, easy-to-read, accurate summary of the your arbitration program.

(a)(5) A concise, easy to read, accurate summary of your customer complaint and inquiry handling procedures. Included in this description must be both of the following two items:

(a)(5)(i) The main telephone number the individual shipper may use to communicate with you.

(a)(5)(ii) A clear and concise statement concerning who must pay for telephone calls.

(b) To comply with paragraph (a)(1) of this section, you must produce and distribute a document with the text and general order of appendix A to this part as it appears. The following three items also apply:

(b)(1) If we, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, choose to modify the text or general order of appendix A, we will provide the public appropriate notice in the Federal Register and an opportunity for comment as required by part 389 of this chapter before making you change anything.

(b)(2) If you publish the document, you may choose the dimensions of the publication as long as the type font size is at least 10 point or greater and the size of the booklet is at least as large as 36 square inches (232 square centimeters).

(b)(3) If you publish the document, you may choose the color and design of the front and back covers of the publication. The following words must appear prominently on the front cover in at least 12 point or greater bold or full-faced type: "Your Rights And Responsibilities When You Move. Furnished By Your Mover, As Required By Federal Law." You may substitute your name or trade name in place of "Your Mover" if you wish (for example, Furnished by XYZ Van Lines, As Required By Federal Law).

(c) Paragraphs (b)(2) and (b)(3) of this section do not apply to exact copies of appendix A published in the Federal Register or the Code of Federal Regulations.

[68 FR 35093, Jun. 11, 2003]

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